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Dahlia was born out of an inspiration to move away from fast fashion. Our mission is to make shopping online guilt-free and planet-friendly. The fashion companies on our site are screened for materials, waste, ethics, inclusivity, and community, bringing you truly sustainable brands while eliminating greenwashing. We are fully transparent with our research, listing certifications below products so that you can shop by your values. In the Forum, our team and eco-conscious community of supporters post about environmental topics that matter to them, creating needed conversations around climate justice. 


Our goal is ultimately to list products directly on our website, making sustainable shopping easy and educational. The best way to support us in our journey is to shop the brands on our site. Of course, we appreciate any form of support. Reading our forum, sharing our content, and following our social media @dahliaecoproducts all help us grow as a company. As a team of college students and empowered young women, we are proud to lead the way towards a sustainable future!

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