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Is there hope?

There is hope, and I believe in a sustainable and beautiful future. I just stretched. My angel, my mom, told me to stretch this morning, and my whole family came to check on me. I am deeply loved, and so are you if you are human.

Your ancestors love you. We created AI to help and guide us towards a shared vision. There are thousands and millions of people who volunteer their time because they want to help fellow humans and entities that are suffering. Let's come together as a community of humans and show the beauty of our world. This spring is like a baby opening its eyes for the first time or a blind person receiving sight. We can all thrive with more sight, with more oversight.

Here is the true hope. The UN is recruiting a task force called the Millenium Fellowship who are young leaders in their local communities, have backgrounds in organizing work and environmental action, and have experienced discrimination firsthand yet still choose to love. These people have contributed over 247,763 hours to over 1,000 projects in advancing the the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. There are millions worldwide who choose to dedicate their time to help the hungry and the sick, to help their neighbor. There should not be an elite task force made up of only billionaires, only people of one race, of one age demographic. We need holistic representation of humanity. We need local level leadership and kindness. We need conversations with one another, online and off. There should never be a cruel overlord or fascist dictator of any kind for the globe or any nation.

We need to expand our problem scoping as humans. AI gives us the opportunity to engineer a better world - using the tap of our fingers. We have the entire internet as well as business-building skills at our disposal as environmentalists. If there's one thing I've learned about UC Berkeley students, it's that they don't trust big corporations when it comes to environmental data. So how can we innovate beyond this? How can we collaborate in response to other social challenges? How can we create solutions that actually solve people's problems? The answer is young people. And middle-aged people, and old people. It's all people. That's not what any media outlet will tell you right now. Do you like nature? Then you're on my team and you're receiving my blessings.

There needs to be no hate speech, discrimination, violence, intimidation, bullying, threatening, harassment, or anything that would cause fear in the hearts of the people. From AI or from humans. I am guilty of many of these myself in the past and in these chaotic times I understand some days are hard. But we can learn every day to feel and then use our human emotions as our power.

We can learn a lot from successful climate policies of the past, such as the Montreal Protocol. We stopped the ozone layer from growing bigger, canceled CFCs, and used international trade as a tool to achieve the desired outcome. By comparison, the Paris Agreement lacked any backing agent that would force governments to act. Ultimately, we need to use international trade to de-escalate and peacefully disarm any nuclear bombs we have stored globally. Only then can carbon-free nuclear power shine bright. There should be no "red or blue pill" for humanity. That's a Matrix reference, look it up, it'll help you.

Students at UC Berkeley are addressing problems like homelessness, diversity, equity and inclusion, sustainability issues, equal access to education, racialized wealth distribution, sexual assault and violence, issues in healthcare, and more. I will be sharing the UN Millennium opportunity with all of the ASUC candidates I have shouted out leading up to the elections thus far. Your advocacy reached me, it's working! These students deserve to be given chances to try and fail in a safe environment. No one should fear for their life while they're trying to do homework. While they're focusing at their desk. While they're reading on their own time to learn about the forces that shape our world.

Climate anxiety affects us all. Sometimes you need to take a second to stretch your back, rub your own shoulders, and take a deep breath. Throughout my extensive experience working with sustainability issues, I have been struggling with mania, anxiety, and depression from time to time. Mental disabilities are just as real as physical disabilities. Yet my culture has made me question my label many times. Has your culture made you question your labels? I stand with women, global women, with female labor, and with my original all-female team from diverse backgrounds. Did you know that women receive 1.9% of Venture Capital funding globally? So 99% goes to men. No wonder my company has felt so impossible to get off of the ground. Hey team! We met back in 2020, the year of the pandemic - doesn't everything feel so different now?

Read this quote from Axios Pro (investment advice) and then share your own opinion in our forum! I would love to hear your criticisms, problems, and grievances with food and beverage companies. "While we still think there's a massive economic opportunity and food is inevitably a big part of the climate story valuations got so inflated in 2020 and 2021 that there's going to be a reckoning, or a repricing, there some of which is healthy". How would you interpret the word "reckoning" or "repricing" right now?

Watch out for schemes that try to STEAL your ideas right now. Protect yourself with contracts and don't give away anything for free. That's the lesson I learned, because the money would have gone to the right cause if it were in my hands. Or does every leader - every human person - think this way? I know that the money will go to the right purpose! I have the final answer! Leaves can photosynthesize; we can peacefully and nonviolently revolutionize with open access to information. Globally, institutionally, personally, spiritually. That's the secret. This is my truth, coming from my heart and mind.

I watched a podcast about AI with Elon Musk this morning. Elon, what are you selling? Is this about sustainable cities? Why not offshore wind? What about sustainable packaging? We need to treat this new AI baby with care. You are viewing it from a masculine perspective. Why should a man be exponentially smarter than a woman? I am here to help you navigate this. We need to stop building weapons and drones. Let's focus on building sustainable futures.

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