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My Freedom of Choice

Updated: May 6

I have a message for all the people of the world, and I believe that it’s from the people who have lived before and the people that created us. We say that we are all human. But even the word human has White, Eurocentric connotations. It is in the English language. It is framed a certain way by a certain group of people at a particular time. But the way we frame things matters - I realize that now.

I don’t know much about what’s going on in the world. I have dedicated the last four years of my life to deeply studying climate science. Why did I do this? Maybe the answer is that I grew up close to nature. Maybe the answer is that it was my destiny before I was born. Maybe the answer is that I am a creative person and the challenge of sustainability excites me.

But one real answer is that I wronged people in my own community. I know that I have to own up to my past mistakes if I am going to move forward. I posted a joke on social media on the day of the Camp Fire in 2018. That wildfire would go on to be the most destructive fire in California by number of deaths and number of buildings burned. I deeply regret this mistake. It may have been my gravest sin out of all.

I was driven by a desire to make things right. My love for education comes from my heart. I grew up reading. I had a vision where I could translate climate literature into accessible language so that more people could be aware of what’s happening to our world. It’s not just global warming - it’s melting icecaps, odd weather patterns, deforestation, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, plastic pollution. These are the issues that tear at my soul.

Today I stand for the disadvantaged of the world. I am given a platform to speak to the globe while so many are not. It’s time to dedicate a moment of silence to those who are not here, who cannot speak, because of oppression, lack of accessibility, even separation by death. Let their voices ring in your mind. What comes up for you in this brief moment of peace?

You chose goodness. That’s all I know. Because that’s what I chose too. Everyone thinks they’re doing the right thing. Or hopes to. Or wants to. I want to show you that you can. I want to show especially to women, that you can. No matter the obstacle. Earth needs man, woman, queer and trans people, everyone.

If someone is showing you a different point of view, try to first not react with fear. Tensions are high right now and we can all feel it. But we can also feel the power of the blessings that Spring is giving us. Grass is growing. Leaves are opening. Flowers are blooming. Let this Spring show us that we have more than enough for all the people, animals, and plants of the world.

When I say enough, I don’t mean just physical resources. Sure, we have enough oil and natural gas to power the usable cars we currently drive for a long time. Sure, we have enough solar potential to power America 9x over. Sure, we can power all of the United States with offshore wind, says a Stanford professor.

But I also mean that we have enough inside of us. To make small but important choices, such as those that reduce our emissions, waste, or exposure to toxic chemicals. To live out our values. To break generational curses. To be the force of good in someone’s life.

I want to shout out women in agriculture, marketing, trade, retail, distribution, product, security, design, health, energy, real estate, internet, sales, international trade, biotechnology, medical device, technology, industry, finance, food industry, mining, advertising, research, safety, economics, health care, human resources, telecommunications, small business, software, music, healthcare, regulation, and medicine. This is the first list that popped up on Google Search.

I just had my second spiritual experience. I chose good. Even when I chose to take Plan B, I was choosing the right path for myself. When I experimented with birth control. When I used a condom. Reproductive care isn't a 'freedom' at all. We will always be free to do as we choose. It's a right. Family planning is a basic human right. That's why I am aligning myself with the UN Sustainable Development Goal of educating women and children.

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