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Nature Hommage

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Nature Hommage is the definition of simplicity. They have very limited products, but they have perfected them. In a time when it is very easy to get overwhelmed by so many options when shopping, it is a nice escape on Nature Hommage’s website. With one tank, one tee, one bra, two leggings, and a short option with two to three colors per item, you'll be in and out of this site in no time and still have made a sustainable choice.

Our Favorites

We love the compression crop top, a perfect tank top to work out in for every occasion!

To pair with it, we love the biker shorts. As a group of 20 year old women, we are so into the biker short trend and love the Nature Hommage ones. They’re a great length and come in the cutest neutral colors.

Why We Love Nature Hommage


  • Women's athleisure and workout wear

  • Workout wear can be worn as athleisure as well as for all your workouts!

  • Simple, neutral colors


  • ECONYL regenerated Nylon


  • Recycled packaging

  • 80 bottles taken for every dollar spent

  • Donate leftover fabric to charities


  • Ethical manufacturing is important to this brand

  • Give workers free lunch and overtime pay


  • Room for improvement: no racial diversity or size diversity, site features only one model


  • Donations to plastic bank which helps people in poverty in Haiti and Indonesia

  • For each dollar spent --> 80 plastic bottles to plastic bank


Dahlia Certifications

  • Dahlia Certified

  • Donates to Environmental Initiatives

  • Woman-Owned

Cover image and first: @jullie.jeine

Second image: @gre.gram

Third image: @lvkerli

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