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Girlfriend Collective

Emily McCabe

Jun 1, 2020

Looking for stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly athleisure wear? Look no further than Girlfriend Collective!

This women's athleisure brand offers a range of tops and bottoms designed to flatter women's bodies, as diverse as they are, with a wide variety of colors - from neutral to bold.

But what sets Girlfriend Collective apart from other athleisure brands? The answer lies in their commitment to sustainability. They use recycled polyester and nylon made from post-consumer water bottles and fishing nets, as well as upcycled materials that divert waste from landfills. They even use Cupro, a regenerative material made from cotton waste.

Their commitment to sustainability extends to their packaging as well, which is made from recycled materials. Plus, they donate their dye mud to be recycled into sidewalks and roads and ensure that 55% of their factory waste is recycled in Taiwan.

As of 2021, Girlfriend Collective has recycled over 5 million plastic water bottles, prevented 5 million pounds of CO2 in the atmosphere, and saved over 9 million gallons of water. But it's not just about the environment - Girlfriend Collective also prioritizes ethical production practices. Their core facility is SA8000 certified and they pay fair wages, maintain safe and healthy working conditions, and have zero tolerance for forced or child labor.

Inclusivity is also important to Girlfriend Collective. Their models have diverse backgrounds and body types, and they offer clothing in sizes XXS-4XL, as well as a maternity section for pregnant women.

But it doesn't stop there. Girlfriend Collective is committed to social and environmental justice, and they have detailed information about Black Lives Matter on their website, with links to resources. They also have a tab dedicated to sustainability, where customers can learn about their practices, and a community resource for environmental and social justice.

If you're looking for stylish, comfortable, and sustainable athleisure wear, Girlfriend Collective is the brand for you. They are Dahlia Certified, POC-Owned, and donate to racial justice, social justice, and environmental initiatives. Plus, their commitment to using recycled materials and reducing waste is something we can all get behind. And with their recycled packaging, you can feel good about your purchase from start to finish.

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