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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Nube is a women and men’s athleisure brand striving to adapt the best sustainability practices to reduce harm to the environment. The athleisure company uses only non-toxic, low-impact, and lead-free dyes alongside plastic-free, made in the USA, and 100% recycled and recyclable shipping materials. Nube is continuing their sustainability efforts with a goal to bring all of their sourcing materials back to the US.

Our Favorites

The Artifact Crop Tank and Leggings from Nube feature the cutest prints! Each pair of leggings uses at least 20 plastic bottles, each crop tank uses at least 7 plastic bottles, and both items are made in the Nube sewing studio in East Los Angeles. The tops have a scoop neck and can be worn with either side facing forward, and the leggings have a high-rise elastic free waistband with four-way compression. Enjoy your low-impact activities in these pieces while reducing waste!

Why We Love Nube


  • Something for everyone! Nube is a women’s and men’s athleisure brand

  • Offers range of tops and bottoms featuring prints made by artists


  • Recycled fabrics and polyester

  • Plastic bottles

  • Non-toxic, lead free, low impact dyes


  • Recycled polyester:

  • Reduces water consumption by nearly 20%

  • Reduces energy consumption by over 45%

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 30%

  • 100% recycled and recyclable packaging


  • Local manufacturing to promote ethical fair practices


  • Women-owned company

  • Models have diverse backgrounds and body types


  • Works with artists to create prints where the artists get 5% of profits


Dahlia Certifications

  • Dahlia Certified

  • Woman-Owned

  • Recycled Packaging

  • Local Factories

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