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Plant Faced

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Plant Faced has a selection of clothes unlike any other brand on our site! It features cool designs which revolver around sustainable lifestyle choices such as vegetarian and vegan diets. They have cool loud colors as well as the go-to neutrals for the basics they have. If you're looking for a trendy tee with a greater message or a simple hoodie supporting sustainability, look no further!

Our Favorites

Plant Faced has hundreds of cool and fun products promoting ethical lifestyle choices, but our team’s favorite is anything that comes in their color Alarm Orange! The bright and bold color makes a simple hoodie such as their Classics Hoodie a statement piece.

We also love their fun Plant Based Rainbow Tee for a fun, colorful alternative to a plain tee shirt.

Why We Love Plant Faced


  • Something for everyone! Men’s and Women’s athleisure and some childrens options.


  • Organic cotton

  • Recycled polyester

  • Water-based inks


  • Mailer boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and printed with water-based inks.

  • In the process of phasing all woven labels to be 100% recycled

  • Efforts to avoid use of any plastic in their packaging to produce less waste.


  • No child labour

  • No forced labour

  • Safe & healthy working conditions

  • Living wage


  • Not too racially diverse and not many different body types on site

  • However, sizes range from XXS to 3XL on certain products.


  • Post educational blogs on sustainability and a vegan lifestyle

  • 1 tree planted per item sold


Dahlia Certifications

  • Dahlia Certified

  • Donates to Racial Justice causes

  • Donates to Environmental Initiatives

  • Recycled Packaging

  • LGBTQ+ Owned

Third Party Certifications

  • Fair Wear Certified

  • Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production Certified

  • PETA Approved Vegan

Cover image: @louisawilkie

First image: @peteonpurpose

Second image: @model.ellecee

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