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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Knickey is an organic cotton underwear brand that is focused on comfort and sustainability. They have a great selection of basic underwear and bralettes with timeless shapes and solid colors. Knickey even has loungewear for an even more comfortable experience at home. In their Behind It All page, you can read about the commitments that Knickey has made to the Earth and the Community. They have many informative posts and materials, sizing, and more. Knickey is 100% carbon neutral, meaning that they offset 100% of their carbon emissions. We love that Knickey has their own undie recycling program, where if you recycle any underwear, bras, socks, or tights you will receive 15% off your next purchase. Knickey is a real game changer for the underwear industry, with their commitment to the environment and our bodies. We are proud to represent this brand at Dahlia.

Our Favorites

Our favorite style at Knickey is the Low Rise Thong! It is the perfect addition to any athleisure outfit. Whether you are wearing it with leggings or biker shorts, a thong is perfect to prevent uncomfortable bunched up underwear. With a multitude of colorful and neutral options, as well as a size range from XXS-3XL, you are sure to find the perfect fit. If you need a little help, there is a size guide or you can chat with a fit expert. The Low Rise Thong is 95% cotton and 5% elastane for a little stretch and has a waistband that never digs in. You can even read about the impact of this item and more under the product descriptions.

The keyhole bralette is also a favorite. It is more comfortable than a traditional underwire bra and features a cute cutout in the front to add a nice design element. This bralette is made with the same breathable yet stretchy blend that the underwear is made from.

Why We Love Knickey


  • Women’s underwear and bralettes made with women in mind.

  • Neutral colors with the occasional bolder limited edition colors

  • Basics

  • Loungewear

  • Organic Cotton underwear


  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

  • Tencel

  • Recycled Nylon


  • Knickey is 100% carbon neutral

  • They recycled 75,000 garments in 2020


  • Knickey has donated to a variety of organizations including Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter


  • Knickey promotes size inclusivity on their website with sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL

  • They also feature size and racial diversity through their models


  • Knickey donated almost $100,000 worth of underwear to communities in need and women's shelters


Dahlia Certifications

  • Dahlia Certified

  • Woman-Owned

  • Carbon Neutral Shipping

  • Recycled Packaging

  • Donates to Racial Justice causes

  • Donates to Social Justice causes

Third-Party Certifications

  • Non-GMO Certified Organic Cotton

  • Certified Organic Ginning Factory

  • Fair Trade International Certified factories

  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified packaging

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