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Girlfriend Collective

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Girlfriend Collective is the brand that inspired the founders of Dahlia to create a platform for sustainable fashion. We are amazed that these high-quality leggings are actually made from recycled water bottles. The athleisure pieces made by Girlfriend Collective come in a range of beautiful colors and flattering styles. After researching Girlfriend Collective, we are proud to display them on our site due to their commitment to the environment!

Our Favorites

We love the bra and legging sets from Girlfriend Collective! The tops come in several styles, from thin to thick straps, high neck to one-shoulder tops. The leggings are mostly high-rise, a cut that flatters everyone. The high quality of these pieces mean they can be worn for years without being damaged. The best part is that they’re sustainable, made from recycled water bottles! By shopping for this brand, you are reducing the waste that goes to the landfill.

Why We Love Girlfriend Collective


  • Women’s athleisure brand

  • Offers a range of tops and bottoms designed to flatter women's bodies, as diverse as they are

  • Wide variety of colors - neutral to bold


  • Recycled polyester & nylon

  • Post-consumer water bottles

  • Recycled fishing nets

  • Cupro, a regenerative material made from cotton waste

  • Upcycled materials divert waste from landfills


  • Uses recycled packaging

  • Donates dye mud to be recycled into sidewalks and roads

  • 55% of factory waste is recycled in Taiwan

  • As of 2021, Girlfriend Collective has:

  • Recycled over 5 million plastic water bottles

  • Prevented 5 million pounds of CO2 in the atmosphere

  • Saved over 9 million gallons of water


  • Core facility is SA8000 certified

  • Pays fair wages

  • Maintains safe and healthy working conditions

  • Zero forced or child labor


  • Models have diverse backgrounds and body types

  • Offers clothing in size XXS-4XL

  • Maternity section for pregnant women


  • Detailed information about Black Lives Matter, with links to resources

  • Tab for sustainability - customers can learn about Girlfriend’s practices

  • Community resource for environmental and social justice


Dahlia Certifications

  • Dahlia Certified

  • POC-Owned

  • Donated to Racial Justice causes

  • Donates to Social Justice causes

  • Donates to Environmental Initiatives

  • Recycled Packaging

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